How much does it cost to register at casinoamambay.com?
It costs nothing, the registration is free. The casinoamambay.com gives you the option to play to know the games or bet by depositing money in your account of the site. If you want to bet, choose the most convenient way to deposit funds into your account.

What are the types of prizes?
he prizes of the games vary according to the type of game, and are described in the award table of each one of them.

How do I get the credits taken out of my casinoamambay.com account?
The service will be paid in the manner chosen at the time the service is requested. Depending on the option chosen, it may be carried out within 4 (four) business days after the request. Payment can be made only in your own bank account, or in your own electronic wallet linked to your account at www.casinoamambay.com.

What happens if I request a withdrawal and have not filled my registration data correctly?
Registration information is essential so that your service can be paid. If you have not filled out the entire form at the time of registration, you must do so at the time of service. If you have entered incorrect data or have not filled out the entire form, you will receive an email requesting regularization of your situation. The requested withdrawals will be paid only when your data is verified and properly loaded.

What happens if I win a prize and there is some debt to the site?
Any debt (for example non-payment of a bank slip) disqualifies the withdrawal. Just request the release of your game credits (deposits) if you have actually made the payment. Failure to follow this procedure will result in your account being blocked on the site. In no case will you be able to pay any debts with prizes or bonuses.

How can I change my password?
After logging in to the site, click the My Account option and then click Change Password. Follow the instructions.

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